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plastik wrapping food grade yang terbaik di indonesia bermerk bliss

The food-grade, safe packagings loved by millions.

Bliss and Kiyomi

logo kiyomi dan bliss plastik pvc wrapping terbaik di indonesia yang aman untuk makanan, bpom, halal dan murah

When safety is important you don't need good. You need the BEST.

Bliss and Kiyomi bring you all types of quality food packagings. Plastic wrappings, Aluminum Foils, and all kind of Plastic, Paper and Aluminum food grade trays and boxes.

bliss dan kiyomi food grade plastic pvc cling wrapping bungkus buah


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These are the frequently asked questions by our customers regarding Bliss & Kiyomi Food Grade PVC Cling Wrap. Hope it helps.

Bliss household plastic pvc cling wrap is 10 Micron thick. it is better than most brands in the market as its wrapping elasticity is better, and it’s plastic pvc materials gives it a better strength

Bliss household plastic pvc cling wrap can be used to store food in the refrigerator or the freezer, and even be used to microwave most food. Using plastic pvc cling wrap that is safe for Food like Bliss will make your food last longer.

Bliss plastic pvc cling wrap is 10 Micron in thickness and it is very suitable when you are looking for a food grade plastic pvc cling wrap for fruits. Kiyomi is a 13 Micron pvc plastic cling wrap in thickness and are suitable for almost every needs, even to wrap a parcel or something that requires thicker pvc cling and it is also a food grade quality plastic pvc cling wrap

Yes, we are tested by Sucofindo as a product that is safe for food contact. furthermore, Bliss & Kiyomi Food Grade PVC Plastic Cling Wrap is halal certified and very suitable for the indonesian market. Now, we are currently testing Bliss & Kiyomi Plastic PVC Cling Wrap for FDA.

Bliss & Kiyomi Food Grade PVC Plastic Cling Wrap has a very competitive price and are a market leader in terms of quality. You will get the best products that are a bung for your buck.

Yes, Bliss & Kiyomi food grade plastic PVC Cling wrap can be used in the microwave. However, it is recommended that users poke holes for steam ventilation. The plastic pvc cling wrap should not come into contact with food that is high in fat. The fat can melt the plastic PVC Cling wrap if heated to a high enough temperature.

No, plastic PVC Cling wrap is not to be used in conventional ovens, stovetops, or toaster ovens. The plastic will melt if used in any of these cooking units.

Yes, plastic PVC Cling wrap will protect food when it is stored in the freezer. It is recommended that no air is between the plastic PVC Cling wrap and the food. That will help protect the food from freezer burn. Bliss & Kiyomi Plastic PVC Cling Wrap can also be used to store fruits in the freezer.

No, plastic PVC Cling wrap does not have the qualities that make it an excellent insulator. It may slightly assist in heat retention, but aluminum foil is a better insulator. Two layers of plastic PVC Cling wrap with air in between are the best way to use plastic PVC Cling wrap as an insulator if necessary.